Sash Windows - the most popular in England photo

Sash Windows - the most popular in England

Sash windows are clearly among the most popular in England, but you can also find them in other countries. Sash window or hung sash window has a specific structure and also requires proper installation. If you want to learn more about this type of windows, check out our short tutorial on this website – thanks to it you will be able to choose for yourself the appropriate windows!

Not everyone knows that the sash windows are used for centuries. One of the oldest buildings with windows of this kind is the Ham House – a historic house from 17th century which is located in Ham over the River Thames. But there is no certainty as to their origin – some suggest the English architect and philosopher Robert Hooke designed them, but also there are reports that the windows come from Denmark.

How sash windows are built?

Windows of this type usually consist of one or more movable panels which are called “sashes.” The panels form a frame, whose task is to keep the glass in place. They are also separated from the remaining glass panes in the windows, which are referred to as “lights”, through the glazing bars or muntins – their task is to split the window into smaller fields, which in the past was associated with the lack of large panes of glass, and now mainly for aesthetic reasons. That way one sash overlaps slightly the other one and slides inside the frame. The most popular model is the six over six panel window, which are often found in the Georgian and Victorian homes. In the past, mostly single glazed windows were used, now there are also double glazed and triple glazed sash windows available.

Opening the sash window

The sash window has a type of construction that is opened by sliding vertically. Mostly the lower sash moves, whereas the upper is mounted on a permanent basis. Also, you can see windows like “Yorkshire light”, where they are opened horizontally. So that opening the windows of this kind was even easier, special metal weights that act as a counterbalance are used – these are called sash weights or simply counter-weights. They are connected to the window by a cotton string or a chain which passes through a pulley mounted on top of the frame. Some windows have also special springs installed.

In some sash windows usual hinges are used (simplex hinges) which allow for easier cleaning, and you can also quickly open the window when you will have to leave the building, for example in case of fire.

Material – wood or uPVC?

Traditionally sashes are made of wood (softwood). In the past, high-quality wood was used, which ensured durability of windows for years. Today, more and more of these windows are ordered as uPVC – it is cheaper and provides better insulation. More information on sash windows with wood and uPVC can be found in another of our articles.

Regardless of the type of sash windows, you should select them from the best manufacturers to ensure that they last for many years. Although the price may be higher, but this is the best investment!