Sash windows – wooden or PCV? photo

Sash windows – wooden or PCV?

The sash windows are produced in two types, when it comes to the material from which they are made – you can choose wooden windows or plastic ones, namely uPVC. Anyone who wants to make a purchase or a replacement of windows, should think well before their choice, so that they were perfect both in terms of their technical parameters, as well as their aesthetics, which for many is very important. So what to choose – timber sash windows or uPVC?

Wooden sash windows

Essentially, this is a traditional solution, because the windows of this type are used for centuries. Most often they are produced with the highest quality softwood, which provides strength and durability for many years. Even in the case of malfunctions they can be readily repaired, with the result that there is usually no need to replace the entire window when it is damaged. Also natural wood is a material that allows the micro-circulation of air, so it is regarded by many as healthier.

Traditionally, this type of windows is single glazed, but also you can find them as double-glazed, but they do not correspond to many people as aesthetically pleasing. The main problem in this case of muntins or glazing bars that are placed on the surface of the glazing to resemble traditional sash windows, which are assembled from smaller panes.

By choosing wooden windows, it is worth remembering that they are vulnerable to damage, as well as other kinds of wooden items such as furniture, fences. They can rot, swell or shrink excessively, mainly due to prolonged exposure to atmospheric agents. It is therefore necessary to use special means of maintenance – regular maintenance can these windows serve for generations without need of replacing. Also, over time, their colour may begin to fade or they may discolour, so you will need to paint them again.

UPVC sash windows

The windows made of plastic uPVC – vinyl are becoming increasingly popular. UPVC, or Unplasticized poly (vinyl chloride) is a material often used in construction. This is primarily a low-maintenance material that requires no conservation, moreover it is very durable and resistant to external factors, among others, water, sunlight, oxidation, chemicals. It is used mainly for new double glazing. The material comes in many different colours, it can also be styled in natural wood. Noteworthy is also its attractive price and very good insulating properties, which are superior to wood – so it is very tight, but at the same time you have to remember to regularly ventilate the rooms, because excessive tightness can lead to moisture and mold.

UPVC windows are often described as better than timber windows, but you must also remember their cons. First of all, many people tell that they do not look aesthetically pleasing in comparison with wooden windows. Also you should keep in mind that uPVC is not possible to repair, so if there is a damage to the window frame, then you will have to install new ones. Moreover, not all uPVC sash windows are of high quality.