Wooden Sash windows - why choose a replacement? photo

Wooden Sash windows - why choose a replacement?

Although quality sash windows are able to survive for generations, they sometimes need to be altered or replaced. This applies in particular to old wooden windows that were not properly maintained, and thus no longer perform their role well. Wood can become excessively soft, or it may be dried, resulting in the inferior insulation properties. This problem primarily have residents of older buildings from the Victorian era, in which sash windows with single glazing were installed. When to opt for the replacement of sash windows?

Why choose a replacement?

First of all, the most important benefit is the better insulation properties, because approximately 10% of the heat can escape from domestic buildings by old, leaking windows. This in turn causes high heating costs, which translates into increased environmental pollution.

Also exchange for new ones means longer life and better resistance of windows, so they can be used for a really long time. When replacing windows with new frames you can also achieve greater aesthetics of such a solution.

How the replacement should be done?

Basically, the exchange is possible in several different ways – no need to immediately replace the entire window with the framework, but this is dependent on its technical condition. There are several approaches to the exchange:

- replace the whole window for a better one, for example, high performance triple-glazed sash window
- replacement of windows with new double glazed
- adding extra glazing to existing windows
- replacement of single glazed for double glazed

Of course, each has its advantages and disadvantages, also associated with their costs. The most expensive solution is to replace the windows for the new ones – triple glazed or double glazed. Cheaper will be the other two options. Total replacement of windows with new ones also means more work, because the old ones must be removed – it can also change the appearance of the building, which is not always possible when it is in the conservation area, or if the building is listed. The advantage is, however, very good durability and insulation, in the case of triple glazed better than double glazed.

On the other hand, replacement of single glazed for double glazed or installing additional glazing is a cheaper alternative, but in turn it cannot always achieve such good thermal performance, although surely it will be better than the older windows. The advantage is virtually no change in the appearance of the windows – sometimes only you can see small alterations. But the downside is the inability to use such a solution, when the window frames are already very damaged and cannot be repaired. You must also verify that the installation of additional glazing is possible for the window frames.

In summary, if the sash windows are still in good condition and their frames are not destroyed, then you can opt for additional glazing or replacement of single glazed for double glazed. On the other hand, if your windows are already really old, their frames are in a bad shape and the isolation is very low, then you should think about a more expensive, but more effective solution – the replacement of windows with new ones.